Friday, March 2, 2007

Indian Misuse

The term misuse, to me more opt for indian blood. Starting from so called VVIPS, to downtrodden they all, in one way or the other misuse things. Politicians, misuse their power to gain wealth, to suppress opponents, fellowmen and all the rubbish they do for their benefit. In all walks of life we can find indian misusers. If it is a government u can watch an array of misuses in a work day. Apart from misuse of power through the job, the petty misuses were done. Stationary items comes first in the list and other things do also come based on the work place. Higher government officials who were provided cars are (misused) by their relatives. These vehicles ply to pick up their wards and relatives from anywhere else and they do this without any shame. If misuse by top bureaucrats spare in millions, it is in crores of rupees in case of politicians. A magazine read information, says most presidents of Indian Republic take a gang of their family members when they visit abroad so called goodwill visit to promote foreign relationships. During these visits, expenditures made by the President and his companions has to be bared by the govt. All these things are done with out any shame and guilty. Keeping aside the greater indian politician role, the indian common man has equally greater role in misusing things. The list of common public properties misused by common man so commonly are bus, train, road, parks, beach and hospitals. The greatest indian style can be visualized in government hospitals. The condition of most of the government hospitals are pathetic. All ill-fated people only has to go there. Nobody cares of nobody. First thing, is, its hygiene. We, Indians have a long way to go in this particular thing. Your nose will experience a mixture of smells with bleaching powder, phenyl if u cross the hospital area by ur two wheeler. It is all the way crowdy with poor people were given medicines by an attender with out any care or involvement. Worst, will be the case for in-patients. They will be facing hardtime of their life here. They will be injected as like being nailed in a wall and sometimes may be left unattended. As our government hospital services are provided free or at very minimal cost, always there will be a rush, which in turn can be related to our so called much celebrated 'manpower'. to get attended in a government u have to pay bribe. Even in mortuary or in case of casualty during treatments, they seldom stop demanding. Role of common man in hospital is also equally bad. They treat hospitals as their own home and will be shouting without keeping the pain and ordeal patients were facing. They spit within the hospital premises and they also do so without any guiltiness. It will take volumes to speak the tale of indian government hospitals. In the other way indian public places show a very ugly figure. Most of the roads have crests and troughs(remember ur higher secondary physics) unevenly,thanks to the contractors of the highways. Speed breakers don't serve their purpose and it leads to many casualities.
It will be painful for an ideal citizen to look at these things. Selfishness, lack of sense of belongingness and responsibility are the root cause for all the evils.Misuse in all walks of life lead to this disastrous condition. Enforcement of law with awareness among individuals on their responsibilities should go hand on hand to have a better, Indian society.
A longing Indian